Wednesday, November 07, 2012


It was so easy when our kids were little, when something is not good for them I just said "no".  If they disobey, I put them in time-out or give them a consequence.  End of story.
As our kids are creeping up to the tween years I'm quickly realizing that my approach is no longer going to work.  Kids want to start making their own decisions, their own mistakes.  They want some say, some control.
It's terrifying.
How in the world do we teach our kids to discern in this world of grey areas what is right and wrong, helpful or not helpful, Godly or leading them down a destructive path?
How do we keep up with 3 kids thoughts and feelings and direct each one in the way they should go?
Parenting is a much bigger job than I thought when I was 25, and it'll bring me to my knees more times than I'm gonna be able to count I think.

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Elayne said...

I'm pretty sure that is exactly why God made grandparents! Their job is to pray! LOTS!! (and we do!)