Monday, November 12, 2012

Love isn't a feeling...'s a choice.
Or so the saying goes.
The thing is, it IS a feeling!  A beautiful glorious heart palpitating feeling that makes you want to be better, do better, hug more, say sweet words, be close...the list goes on.
Sometimes we don't feel loving.  Our kids are crazy, my husband is strange, my friend is thoughtless, the cashier is rude...I'm not feeling it.  Love feels dead.  There's nothing there.
THAT is when love is a choice!  That's when we have the hard decision to make, am I going to go with what feels good right now?  Or am I going to love when I don't feel like loving and aim for something down the road?
This is when I really think that only God can achieve the desired outcome.  I cannot love people on my own.  I feel stuff.  I'm all over the place, and if I ran my life on my own, following MY life would have looked very, very different.  And so I plug into God and I ask Him to do what I can't and love through me when I think it's impossible.
And I think I'm going to change the saying to, WHEN love isn't a feeling, it's a choice!

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Elayne said...

I like your definition. And that is a great catchy song. I've never heard it before.